The challenged life !

In this world of ups and downs there are many who are around , Amongst those pax we lodge our presence Thats’s then called our life’s existence In this world of in and out God has a plan to shoot out alas But , its the game of that passage that’s between birth and last In this world of score & cheer We live in a place of fear , death is solicited venue It’s your address that’s just a temporary avenue In this world of hatred & love Depends on you to be vulture or dove Its you who has to be round the globe in the flash Make sure it’s alll worth it even in the end trash In this world of tears and smiles It’s your aim that keeps you determined In this world of war & cry One thing is sure.. that YOU need to DIE !! AND WHAT MATTERS AT THE END IS THE RESULT YOU HOLD THE ULTIMATE  CREDIT CARD OF  YOUR SOUL.   LOVE TO READERS NEK FABRICS ESHA RATHI FOUNDER NAIRA- NEK FABRICS.


ISS BAAR MODI SARKAR !! I congratulate all my NEK Family & my proud county members on the great win of no alliance but only & only on win of MR.NARENDRA MODI , THE HONORARY & FORMER PRIME MINISTER OF INDIA. It’s the win of a soul who chose not to stay calm , not to  accept bribe neither to take and assured no allowance to be taken by any too ! I wish all the success to this leader who got  complete majority & faith assured of my countrymen. His confidence has never been down, he has been inspiring character since the day he promised to change India. He once said that he still remembers his old job just incase he faces any loss which was certainly impossible for our CHAIWALA AKA CHAUKIDAR. I see my nation with The new records  portraying the better & upcoming best pictures of my NATION. Deep down we forgot what our Country is actually capable of ! It’s now time to remember this & many other achievements our country deserves.  Awaited success, prosperity & growth of my country. NEK FABRICS.  ELECTIONS’19

India the pride …

hello readers, pen in the hand after a long time though.. My country ..INDIA  my country has been a diversified heaven , being beautifully adored with traditions & multiple ethics and cultures . This country has taught me how to sustain in diversities and how to stay during diversions. India, when I speak gives me goosebumps. Not because I’m a patriot because… I know what it takes to say this word without a fear. It takes army of thousands of soldiers and a gather of lakhs of people who stood and are still standing to make me speak my words with the fearless tone…  it takes many man of those wives waiting eagerly , it takes many fathers waiting for their son to hold their hands  , it takes many mothers waiting for their sons to love them and moreover it takes many kids waiting for their Fathers to come once and make them feel safe and assure them of his sole presence. at the last it takes courage to stand their and leaving the family behind just to assure me to speak INDIA with all my confidence & proud..  

The not-so-changed trend..

Holla readers .. after a long time I’m back with my pen wishing you all a very happy new year… may this year get you loads of luck & smiles with flooded success and happiness you all deserve.  NEK Fabrics is a platform to make you up for the best style & trend ! It’s love to see you people getting engaged with us for being the style statement. We’ve seen our mothers talking about the fashion & trend of their time.. trending then. But you’ll not be really surprised to hear that the trend is a cycle which keeps on repeating itself. It keeps on coming n rotating again & again the only difference being difference in time & combinations its put & presented with. From Organza , Tissue and Satin to palazzos , bell bottoms and anarkalis , it’s all the wheel rotating and moving. It’s nothing to feel weird or shocked about because the quality and the fabrics has a taste , tradition , season & style, which again turns up n becomes trend. My mother wore the same work I did on my wedding haha ! sounds super crazy but that’s fashion ;), she said. It’s […]

Business.. the unfamiliar ethic.

Hola readers ! I’m back to pavilion.. As the journey of NEK’s is going on, I striked with a question. Is being an entrepreneur easy ? I guess not! We not just have to sacrifice our smiles at time but we need to sacrifice our basics certainly at some or the other point of time. We might not be working at home like the women supporters of ours do but going out to earn is a tough task. It’s not that easy. To all the above points I agree.. But to my question, are we on the correct path having such ethical business concept & dedications, where  none of them holds concern for ourselves. Is this ethic of business right. we heard people saying earn and live.. but amidst this procedure of earning we’ve stopped living. Even the vibes of our homes have not been the same. We’ve started merging the professional life with the personal one. our home is no longer the peace place because of our mind struggles & business frustrations. Did you realise, family is no more a happy place. Our close ones have started avoiding us & our company, We’ve turned out as scary rascals working […]

It’s all about SUCCESS ..

Hello readers ! We welcome you back to the reading section of NEK… the section which inspires me to write just for you ! To start, let me ask you.. what is success? You will have a variety of answers but none of them would I consider, if its all about fulfilling or achieving or chasing your dreams & earning millions, or anything getting you the life you desired & dreamt of.. Success is an adjective describing the happiness.. the inner feeling of content & satisfaction. With a packet of smile & bundle joy attached with it. It’s an art of making the inner you happy. It’s the toughest task of the world to really taste success. Not because it gets you money , because money can neither get success nor happiness. And the only person successful is the one who enjoys every state of life with what he has. The day he finds the happiness & joy not just for himself but for every person around him …he is successful. Because he has the power of freely smiling . A lot of us have really forgotten that . We’ve got so messed up in our schedules & “earn more to live […]
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