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Hello readers ! We welcome you back to the reading section of NEK… the section which inspires me to write just for you !

To start, let me ask you.. what is success? You will have a variety of answers but none of them would I consider, if its all about fulfilling or achieving or chasing your dreams & earning millions, or anything getting you the life you desired & dreamt of..

Success is an adjective describing the happiness.. the inner feeling of content & satisfaction. With a packet of smile & bundle joy attached with it. It’s an art of making the inner you happy. It’s the toughest task of the world to really taste success. Not because it gets you money , because money can neither get success nor happiness. And the only person successful is the one who enjoys every state of life with what he has. The day he finds the happiness & joy not just for himself but for every person around him …he is successful. Because he has the power of freely smiling . A lot of us have really forgotten that . We’ve got so messed up in our schedules & “earn more to live big” tasks, that we’ve lost the inner peace . That peace which comes with happy mind & positive aura ! 

 Earning millions, creating a restless life.. One can never succeed. And If family is happy, dreams are justifying the sleep in aura of peace… yes MR.successful, you’ve reached your destination ! 🙂 

mark it guys.. being successful isn’t only about achieving your aims.. its about the happiness worth lovable claims. 

Will be glad to receive your feedback & listen from you !

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