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Hello readers! to annoy you is my favourite pastime! 🙂
Today let me take you to the roots of my business & make you feel the ancestral touch of my profession. Long back, precisely 40 years there were 2 brothers belonging from a not-to-sound family, somehow getting daily absurds .Their father working hard enough ,donating for good deeds & having faith in lord making them gradually grow for great-meal times. But deep in there was no such term of satisfaction for what they had. Not because they wanted more, but they thought there capability is much more than this. Thus, the struggle of the 2 souls with the minimum amount being given as the only “investment or loose” started to search for fabrics & materials.Soon did they transform their efforts into a fabric mill. In 1988 they started the very first mill in SURAT, The city of textiles. By God’s grace the mill worked well but it wasn’t the mere luck ,with it was the hard-work of these brothers wandering here & there, gaining knowledge to be the masters before the owners.That was there key to success. They believed to work themselves first before commanding others, to learn. I remember in conversation with one of the brother, he exclaimed “I didn’t know anything about this industry I entered with name of just 12 colours. But I made sure that I learn before I earn..I worked in a way that I could learn , order & rule simultaneously. That made me the real businessman”
In the leap of time the work got well. From one mill to another these people became the industrialists. Leading the industry in their concepts & became social folks, & welcomed the 3rd brother with the new venture making him the same as them.. work freak. And soon entered the 2nd generation, the fresher entrepreneurs. This force made sure existence of 5 mills involving printing , dyeing & yarn dyeing. In the family-business they involved almost everyone, some to settle & some to train.

By blessings of good deeds they got the top notch family-business circle. And then came NEK Fabrics. It was the idea & dream which could’ve been planned 2 years back but destiny chose this time for execution. NEK has been the idea of the 2nd generation mind. It deals not just into trading but with the passion of 2 minds & faith of 2 people to do something just for themselves. The approach to call achievement just of them. NEK has been a platform where we’ve fallen , learned and started yet again. We know it’s never too late but its not that early. NEK dealing in trading of sarees, kurtis , suits , fabrics ( to-be – launched -soon ) , designer & personalised attire to be ordered & uniquely stitched for your size  & many more such innovations which are yet to bring on & are under the roof to shine! 

I hope you people will always support & motivate us to keep this power of innovation alive just for you coz it’s FABRICATED JUST FOR YOU !

love & care


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