the trend setter for the young girls.. Tunic tops.

Tunics or chiton (Roman language) are the hip-length shirts or sweaters. Which is now being a comfortable edition for today’s young feminine crowd. Though its supposedly longer than mostly women’s shirts, but is definitely shorter than dresses. Tunics can be dressed up on jeans for a modern look. Every attire has its own way to carry it. Hence here we get you , the tips & tricks for Wearing a Stylish Tunic: Purchase a flattering tunic, in any way being most flattering for your body. Accentuate for shape. Wear the right kind of pants with your tunic. Choose your shoes carefully. Tips: Tighter or longer ladies’ tunics can be crumpled up to create attractive textures. Also can be worn with tights for a sleek, sophisticated look. Make sure to add a belt around your waist if your crumple your tunic a lot so that you don’t look shapeless. Be careful when washing your tunic, because you don’t want it to shrink or stretch out and become an oversized T-shirt. A V-neck tunic will keep its neckline longer than a boatneck tunic will. Hope you will consider the tips & enjoy flaunting with the TUNICS collection in your wardrobes. And still if you haven’t added […]

The smart casuals.PALAZZOs !

hello readers !Did you know Palazzo pants also known as  palazzo trousers in British English, pantada  Indian English. Pallazos were initially destined for the summer season style. And to be factual this isn’t the style statement for today, it has been in trend and first ever designed in early 1960s and  1970s.Palazzo pants are super wide-leg, loose, flowing pants that were super popular back in the ’60s and ’70s. As most trends tend to do, palazzo pants have recently made a comeback… a pretty big one. Palazzo pants flare out evenly from the waist to the ankle,  therefore different from bellbottoms, which are snug until they flare out from the knee.  From Casuals to  Party it’s an every day occasion to carry it. Palazzo pants are amazing because they’re incredibly comfortable. With the right styling, they can work for cold weather. Also, they’re really ideal for warmer weather because they’re so light. Surprisingly, palazzo pants are also very versatile. It’s impossible to go on fashion blogs without seeing at least one fabulous blogger wearing palazzo pants in a glam, yet completely effortless outfit. And I’m getting pretty jealous. I’ve been thinking about buying a pair for a while now, but I’ve been hesitant. I’m really short, and I have some […]

It’s all about SUCCESS ..

Hello readers ! We welcome you back to the reading section of NEK… the section which inspires me to write just for you ! To start, let me ask you.. what is success? You will have a variety of answers but none of them would I consider, if its all about fulfilling or achieving or chasing your dreams & earning millions, or anything getting you the life you desired & dreamt of.. Success is an adjective describing the happiness.. the inner feeling of content & satisfaction. With a packet of smile & bundle joy attached with it. It’s an art of making the inner you happy. It’s the toughest task of the world to really taste success. Not because it gets you money , because money can neither get success nor happiness. And the only person successful is the one who enjoys every state of life with what he has. The day he finds the happiness & joy not just for himself but for every person around him …he is successful. Because he has the power of freely smiling . A lot of us have really forgotten that . We’ve got so messed up in our schedules & “earn more to live […]

The Redefined tradition.

Greetings readers ! A day more to write and for you a content more to read. Life carries changes & thus its said.. change is an unacceptable but complimentary part of living life. Our traditions began from the sarees, a traditional aspect to beautify looks & character now got edited. The change arrived packed in the same box & people got little wide with concepts. The symbol to choose the goodness of women wasn’t saree , but what mattered was her presentation. We got modern, started demanding for trend & fashion. And amidst all this we began to adopt and understand the concepts of suits. It was the same with all widely but added with a smart touch whenever carried. Even the working girls enjoy the comforts of suits & its good to work with level of comfort you choose for yourself. The young girls turning to smart ladies, this is their style- statement. Our culture too has also made this change acceptable & appreciable for each one. So folks dress up yourselves smartly & be presentable, carrying the redefined tradition in SUITS, coz ..authenticity is ethinic.   stay tuned public ! share & comment, keep reading , keep growing.  […]

THE BACKGROUND.. family & fabrics

Hello readers! to annoy you is my favourite pastime! 🙂 Today let me take you to the roots of my business & make you feel the ancestral touch of my profession. Long back, precisely 40 years there were 2 brothers belonging from a not-to-sound family, somehow getting daily absurds .Their father working hard enough ,donating for good deeds & having faith in lord making them gradually grow for great-meal times. But deep in there was no such term of satisfaction for what they had. Not because they wanted more, but they thought there capability is much more than this. Thus, the struggle of the 2 souls with the minimum amount being given as the only “investment or loose” started to search for fabrics & materials.Soon did they transform their efforts into a fabric mill. In 1988 they started the very first mill in SURAT, The city of textiles. By God’s grace the mill worked well but it wasn’t the mere luck ,with it was the hard-work of these brothers wandering here & there, gaining knowledge to be the masters before the owners.That was there key to success. They believed to work themselves first before commanding others, to learn. I remember […]

The Ethnic Attire..

Indian traditions have been the best gift to ethnicity. The touch that makes a girl completely change into the feels of the IDEAL WOMAN. One such element adding on to the list is Saree.. which has always been playing a very aesthetic role. A girl turning onto a new phase can be identical in a respectable way every time she adorns saree.. a father with the feeling of separation & maturity while the mother feels as a symbol of her reflection on her. She looks most beautiful wrapped in saree being the reason that for every occasion in our country even the modernity allows to be lenient & get wrapped in the cloth of authenticity.. so check the newest collection of our authentic & forever stunning collection of sarees @ or click the link NEK FABRICS PRESENT YOU LT FABRICS PRESENTS RITUALS SILK DESIGNER SAREES ONLINE SHOPPING WHOLESALE CATALOG

Dreams.. a diverted definition

Hello readers.. hope you had a great day , with that dream in your mind to chase success & complete your dreams.DREAMS..the word which allows everyone to sleep but the ones who know the real side of this word will admire my effort to divert this definition..DREAMS as said are the ones which don’t let you sleep..  NEK Fabrics’ has been one such dream for us..its precision didn’t let us sleep.. how many nights being sleepless.. it was a struggle between the dreams & desire..amidst of these YES & NO s there were many fights , arguments , dreams chasing time.. to run & start. How far will we get support wasn’t the only question but with it was the fear of pre-assumed failures or success auras within ourselves..  And then someone took a leap of faith ..on his lifeline..on his support system.. & landed up establishing the BRAND….NEK FABRICS…fabricated just for you ! This isn’t just a brand.. this is the faith relying on his existence.. his better-half.Keep reading … Keep growing.. Keep chasing your dreams… make the world worth place to live your dreams in..    

The Startup…

Heard long back someone saying..complete what you started, if not then make sure its worth continuing. Hello readers, might be someone here reading this so, I’ve definitely not written this to motivate or promote anything .. but just to get a step more ahead towards your heart.. This NEK’s has a startup being most unplanned..the business form was new, people & customers were unknown .. but still somewhere between the confusions of all this.. 2 minds started struggling.. thought to take the guts out and plan something new.. something that represents & belongs to JUST THEM..which they OWN. And then came the our very own NEK.. this BRAND is our representation of giving our service & taking from you,your satisfaction.I hope this brand inspires you just like our story did… so never stop..because..“IF YOU CAN SMELL EASE & STAY.. YOU CAN’T MOVE & TASTE SUCCESS “
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