the trend setter for the young girls.. Tunic tops.

Tunics or chiton (Roman language) are the hip-length shirts or sweaters. Which is now being a comfortable edition for today’s young feminine crowd. Though its supposedly longer than mostly women’s shirts, but is definitely shorter than dresses. Tunics can be dressed up on jeans for a modern look. Every attire has its own way to carry it. Hence here we get you , the tips & tricks for Wearing a Stylish Tunic: Purchase a flattering tunic, in any way being most flattering for your body. Accentuate for shape. Wear the right kind of pants with your tunic. Choose your shoes carefully. Tips: Tighter or longer ladies’ tunics can be crumpled up to create attractive textures. Also can be worn with tights for a sleek, sophisticated look. Make sure to add a belt around your waist if your crumple your tunic a lot so that you don’t look shapeless. Be careful when washing your tunic, because you don’t want it to shrink or stretch out and become an oversized T-shirt. A V-neck tunic will keep its neckline longer than a boatneck tunic will. Hope you will consider the tips & enjoy flaunting with the TUNICS collection in your wardrobes. And still if you haven’t added […]

The smart casuals.PALAZZOs !

hello readers !Did you know Palazzo pants also known as  palazzo trousers in British English, pantada  Indian English. Pallazos were initially destined for the summer season style. And to be factual this isn’t the style statement for today, it has been in trend and first ever designed in early 1960s and  1970s.Palazzo pants are super wide-leg, loose, flowing pants that were super popular back in the ’60s and ’70s. As most trends tend to do, palazzo pants have recently made a comeback… a pretty big one. Palazzo pants flare out evenly from the waist to the ankle,  therefore different from bellbottoms, which are snug until they flare out from the knee.  From Casuals to  Party it’s an every day occasion to carry it. Palazzo pants are amazing because they’re incredibly comfortable. With the right styling, they can work for cold weather. Also, they’re really ideal for warmer weather because they’re so light. Surprisingly, palazzo pants are also very versatile. It’s impossible to go on fashion blogs without seeing at least one fabulous blogger wearing palazzo pants in a glam, yet completely effortless outfit. And I’m getting pretty jealous. I’ve been thinking about buying a pair for a while now, but I’ve been hesitant. I’m really short, and I have some […]
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