India the pride …

hello readers, pen in the hand after a long time though..

My country ..INDIA 

my country has been a diversified heaven , being beautifully adored with traditions & multiple ethics and cultures . This country has taught me how to sustain in diversities and how to stay during diversions. India, when I speak gives me goosebumps. Not because I’m a patriot because… I know what it takes to say this word without a fear. It takes army of thousands of soldiers and a gather of lakhs of people who stood and are still standing to make me speak my words with the fearless tone… 

it takes many man of those wives waiting eagerly , it takes many fathers waiting for their son to hold their hands  , it takes many mothers waiting for their sons to love them and moreover it takes many kids waiting for their Fathers to come once and make them feel safe and assure them of his sole presence. at the last it takes courage to stand their and leaving the family behind just to assure me to speak INDIA with all my confidence & proud..  

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