Dreams.. a diverted definition

Hello readers.. hope you had a great day , with that dream in your mind to chase success & complete your dreams.
DREAMS..the word which allows everyone to sleep but the ones who know the real side of this word will admire my effort to divert this definition..DREAMS as said are the ones which don’t let you sleep.. 
NEK Fabrics’ has been one such dream for us..its precision didn’t let us sleep.. how many nights being sleepless.. it was a struggle between the dreams & desire..amidst of these YES & NO s there were many fights , arguments , dreams chasing time.. to run & start. How far will we get support wasn’t the only question but with it was the fear of pre-assumed failures or success auras within ourselves.. 
And then someone took a leap of faith ..on his lifeline..on his support system.. & landed up establishing the BRAND….NEK FABRICS…fabricated just for you !
This isn’t just a brand.. this is the faith relying on his existence.. his better-half.
Keep reading … Keep growing.. Keep chasing your dreams… make the world worth place to live your dreams in..


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