Business.. the unfamiliar ethic.

Hola readers ! I’m back to pavilion..

As the journey of NEK’s is going on, I striked with a question. Is being an entrepreneur easy ? I guess not! We not just have to sacrifice our smiles at time but we need to sacrifice our basics certainly at some or the other point of time. We might not be working at home like the women supporters of ours do but going out to earn is a tough task. It’s not that easy. To all the above points I agree..

But to my question, are we on the correct path having such ethical business concept & dedications, where  none of them holds concern for ourselves. Is this ethic of business right. we heard people saying earn and live.. but amidst this procedure of earning we’ve stopped living. Even the vibes of our homes have not been the same. We’ve started merging the professional life with the personal one. our home is no longer the peace place because of our mind struggles & business frustrations. Did you realise, family is no more a happy place. Our close ones have started avoiding us & our company, We’ve turned out as scary rascals working just to make the future better with no care of the present being worst.

Should this be the quality of life we want ? Do these working ethics need any edit ? Are we really earning or we are losing the happiness , essence of life and most important our health. Where do we stand and what do we want ! think people think !!

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