The challenged life !

In this world of ups and downs there are many who are around , Amongst those pax we lodge our presence Thats’s then called our life’s existence In this world of in and out God has a plan to shoot out alas But , its the game of that passage that’s between birth and last In this world of score & cheer We live in a place of fear , death is solicited venue It’s your address that’s just a temporary avenue In this world of hatred & love Depends on you to be vulture or dove Its you who has to be round the globe in the flash Make sure it’s alll worth it even in the end trash In this world of tears and smiles It’s your aim that keeps you determined In this world of war & cry One thing is sure.. that YOU need to DIE !! AND WHAT MATTERS AT THE END IS THE RESULT YOU HOLD THE ULTIMATE  CREDIT CARD OF  YOUR SOUL.   LOVE TO READERS NEK FABRICS ESHA RATHI FOUNDER NAIRA- NEK FABRICS.
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