ISS BAAR MODI SARKAR !! I congratulate all my NEK Family & my proud county members on the great win of no alliance but only & only on win of MR.NARENDRA MODI , THE HONORARY & FORMER PRIME MINISTER OF INDIA. It’s the win of a soul who chose not to stay calm , not to  accept bribe neither to take and assured no allowance to be taken by any too ! I wish all the success to this leader who got  complete majority & faith assured of my countrymen. His confidence has never been down, he has been inspiring character since the day he promised to change India. He once said that he still remembers his old job just incase he faces any loss which was certainly impossible for our CHAIWALA AKA CHAUKIDAR. I see my nation with The new records  portraying the better & upcoming best pictures of my NATION. Deep down we forgot what our Country is actually capable of ! It’s now time to remember this & many other achievements our country deserves.  Awaited success, prosperity & growth of my country. NEK FABRICS.  ELECTIONS’19
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